Studio Spear’s Quarterly Journal for Brand Leadership
The name TOAST refers to our work within food and beverage categories along with our attitude. It’s what we like to make of the competition.


Volume 18, Issue 3

Exploring New Markets, Frozen Honeydew Southside

Volume 18, Issue 2

Exploiting Cookbooks, Bagna Cauda

Volume 18, Issue 1

Relevance and Authenticity, Guacamole


Volume 17, Issue 4

The Value of Reciprocity, Everything's Just Ducky

Volume 17, Issue 3

Shifting Gears, Flourless Orange Cake

Volume 17, Issue 2

Unique & Authentic, Spicy Potato Salad

Volume 17, Issue 1

What Is A Creative Brief?, Hurricanes


Volume 16, Issue 4

Hurry Times Running Out, Russian Bruschetta

Volume 16, Issue 3

Don't Be Evil. It's a Practice, Florida Keys Punch

Volume 16, Issue 2

Preparing For Export, Baked Falafel

Volume 16, Issue 1

Building Capacity, Tom Kha Gai

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