Studio Spear Builds Global Brands

With countless new products entering the marketplace every day, and fierce competition from both domestic and international brands, maintaining a competitive advantage is challenging.
Strategic Planning Life Cycle

At Studio Spear, we take the time to conduct comprehensive market research and obtain a clear understanding of market dynamics. With this information, we are well positioned to exploit untapped opportunities, offset competitive challenges, and satisfy prescribed business objectives.

From a creative perspective, we implement brands that resonate with key audiences at an emotional level. They attract attention, provoke curiosity, communicate undeniable value, inflame desire, and compel engagement.

Services Include:

Some of the essential services that Studio Spear employs to achieve these objectives include:

  • Market Research

    In order to create a competitive advantage for global brands, we research and evaluate both external and internal factors along with the dynamics associated with specific export targets.

    • External Factors
      • Competitive Landscape
      • Trends & Preferences
      • Needs Analysis
      • Buyer Analysis
    • Internal Factors
      • SWOT Analysis
      • Brand Audit
    • Export Dynamics
      • Market Opportunity
      • Compliance
      • Cultural Alignment
      • Distribution and Sales
  • Brand Creation

    The brands we create are built in response to thorough market research and market dynamics. They are conceptually inspired and designed to resonate with your key audiences.

    • Positioning
      • Unique Selling Proposition
      • Personality & Voice
      • Nomenclature
      • Creative Writing
    • Brand Imagery
      • Trademarks & Logos
      • Packaging
      • Website Development
  • Tactical Support

    Global brands are built over time. They start by attracting attention, creating awareness, increasing understanding, provoking desire, and compelling trial. Over time, preference and trust are established. To achieve these outcomes, a variety of promotional tactics are needed.

    • Creative Writing
      • Cultural Alignment
    • Trademarks & Logos
    • Websites
      • UX / UI
      • Engineering
    • Tradeshows
      • Booth Design
      • Operational Support
    • Packaging & POS Display
    • Public Relations
      • Traditional Media
      • Social Media
    • Advertising