Rants & Raves
July 1, 2022
The Imperative for Research

Whether you're starting a business, revitalizing successful brands or expanding your line to keep up with constantly evolving trends and preferences, how you communicate brand value and the ways in which your product or service satisfies a need is crucial to your success.


It's important to remember that effective marketing cannot be achieved unless you understand marketplace dynamics and the attributes that your key audience(s) will find most relevant and appealing. Whether you're creating a new package design, launching a website, rolling out an advertising campaign or making a public relations pitch, you'll want to understand who the competitors are, what they have to offer, how they present themselves and how your own offer compares. You'll also want to accurately identify prospective buyers and anticipate what they need, the factors that compel them to make a purchase and what's needed to persuade them to select your offer.

With this information at hand, using all of the creative resources at your disposal, you'll be able to create branded touchpoints that cut through the clutter, resonate effectively and provoke purchase. Assuming your product or service lives up to its promises, you'll also build loyalty and create brand advocates.

The only way to obtain this information, however, is through extensive and meticulous research. Since the majority of Studio Spear's work is focused upon food and other consumer lifestyle products, our investigations tend to include numerous visits to retail settings in key markets, attendance at major domestic and international trade shows, detailed attention to the competitive landscape and knowing exactly what's going on in terms of prevailing trends and preferences. We then follow up with thorough evaluations, combing through all of the factors that will influence our marketing agenda, then make strategically sound recommendations in terms of both messaging and tactical approach.

It goes without saying, there are lots of variables that that need to be managed to produce successful outcomes. Having a qualified team that can conduct appropriate research, evaluate marketplace dynamics, identify buyer trends and preferences and create compelling brand touchpoints is essential. With more than 40 years of experience and clients on every continent except Antarctica, Studio Spear delivers all of this and much more. So, if you're looking to enhance the impact of your marketing endeavors, give us a call: 866 787 8761 - ask for Jeff Spear - or shoot us an email: jeff@studiospear.com