December 2017
Practical Measures - Backing Up

Jeffrey Spear - President

Jeff Spear

With the new year on the horizon, and many of us boxing up the year's files for safe keeping, we'd like to address a frequently overlooked topic - backing up files against the possibility of damage or loss.


To be clear, you cannot back up your files too often. Let me explain why.

A respected colleague and close friend asked me an unusual question, “What is the dumbest thing you believe I could do?” While notions of robbing a bank, driving the wrong way on a freeway, streaking in crowded shopping mall and other such moronic activities popped into mind, the reality was much worse.

While toying around with administrative settings and preferences on his computer, the entire content of his machine’s hard drive was accidently erased. Poof. Gone.

While that was a major screw-up, it was my belief that the inadvertently deleted files could be easily retrieved from backup storage - minimizing his loss to one or two days of data at most. The sad reality was that no regular backup routine had been implemented and the last comprehensive backup was performed six months ago. Six months!

Of course, we all learn from mistakes, especially whoppers like this.

So, no matter how careful you are with your data, please be sure you are backing up on a regular basis. And when the files are exceptionally important, save and back them up as you work. No sense risking a couple hours, or even a day’s productivity, when the simple task of backing up can make all the difference.

With lots of manual and automated options to choose from, I recommend you seek guidance from a professional IT advisor who can tailor an approach compatible with your operating system and network.

One last recommendation - keep at least one copy of your back-ups in another building. The idea is that, should fire or other such tragedy hit your office, your files kept off-site will still be safe. While I have lots of back-up files in the office for fast and efficient retrieval, Studio Spear would be in bad shape if we were to lose more than a few days worth of data.

I can't tell you how many ways I've learned from the mistakes of others. Nowadays, we're constantly saving work in progress throughout the day; we back up everything at the end of the day; and maintain a comprehensive back-up archive in our bank's safe deposit box. After all, better safe then sorry.

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