July 2017
Nothing Short of Delightful

by Jeffrey Spear - President, Studio Spear

Jeff Spear

While consumers do not part with their hard earned money in any particular hurry, they are willing to become loyal customers and make purchases, regardless of price, based on how good they feel about your brand.


The same can be said for how they respond to your store, the products on display and the overall nature of experiences they have as part of their shopping process.

According to T. Scott Gross (author of the book “When Customers Talk”) “American shoppers are not the finicky, price-conscious bargain hunters they have been made out to be. Consumers will pay for good service with both their cash and their time.”

Just look at the number of people that frequent Apple Computer’s sleek and efficient retail stores. Whether its shoppers curious to learn about the latest iPad, iPod, iBook or simply stopping in to consider their options, the stores are always busy and sales are good.

Frequently commented upon is, not only their airy and stylish interiors but also the way in which Apple anticipates and responds to its customers. Whether making initial inquiries, new purchases, or seeking assistance with previous purchases, this savvy retailer has systems in place to efficiently and seamlessly satisfy every need.

Another noteworthy retailer is Trader Joe's. While high quality, integrity-rich products may be at the core to this company’s success, there’s something to be said about the easy to navigate nature of their stores and their demonstrably warm and friendly staff.

Unfortunately, there are lots of brand owners who are entrenched with mediocrity and indifference. For them, the idea of embracing change is perceived as a Herculean task. While the need for change is apparent, they simply don’t know where to start and end up in the quicksand of analysis paralysis.

If nothing else, and just as Apple creates delightful environments and Trader Joe's delights visitors with warmth, find something you can do to delight your customers. Whether its friendly rapport, knowledgeable service or little acts of kindness, the bottom line is that it’s no different than the way you would treat a visitor to your own home.

So, if you’re looking for ways to grow your business, it’s simple. Be hospitable. Be attentive. Be responsive. Be delightful.

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