April 2018
Missed Opportunities

Jeffrey Spear - President, Studio Spear

Jeff Spear

Even if you have a strategically sound marketing plan, have deployed award winning creative, and are working diligently to penetrate new markets and enhance sales, this process requires a check-up every now and then to ensure relevance, competitiveness and impact.


While you may have invested heavily in marketing promotions just a short while ago, market dynamics and buyer preferences are shifting all the time; making it difficult to keep your value proposition and sales messages in line with your key audience's needs and wants. Let's not forget about the unending number of competitive brands, the unrelenting pressure they exert and the tactics they employ to distract buyers, attract sales and re-align loyalties.

With so much going on, and marketing practices evolving daily, it becomes essential to identify where your brand has been, where it's heading and what you are doing to support its overall well-being. From a promotional perspective, you want to make sure that valuable marketing opportunities are properly addressed and exploited to their fullest.

If you have not yet implemented an internal brand audit and external competitive landscape evaluation, these endeavors will give you the perspective you need to keep your brand fresh, vital and relevant. From a tactical perspective, you'll be able to confirm the effectiveness of ongoing promotional activity, identify shortcomings and better inform future activities. Ultimately, you'll obtain significantly improved "bang" from your marketing buck and, at the same time, uphold your brand's powerful competitive advantage.

What's important is that you maintain clearly defined business and marketing objectives, ensuring the tactics you embrace are responsive to market dynamics and alluring to key buyers. While advertising may be generating results, third-party credibility generated from a laser-focused public relations push (including a properly formed social media program) may generate even greater impact. If your buying universe has been clearly defined and fully identified, a high impact direct mail campaign, due to the personalized opportunities it represents, may yield equally strong results.

The main issue is keeping your brand fresh and vital. When you invest in its health and well being, are constantly evaluating performance and making strategic and tactical adjustments along the way, satisfying sales and enterprise growth are sure to follow.


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