October 2017
Let's Get Emotional

Jeffrey Spear - President, Studio Spear

Jeff Spear

Everybody's talking about branding. The problem is that most people don't understand what a brand is or what it takes to infuse it with relevance and value.


Quite simply, BRAND = REPUTATION. The challenge is infusing your reputation with meaningful emotional impact and relevance.

One of the most successful brands that comes to mind is Nike. The incredible thing is that this brand does not rely on detailed descriptions or explanations about how well the products are made. Its real impact is aspirational - messages that imply: If you wear Nike products, you will be as powerful, dynamic and desirable as some of the most celebrated athletes on the planet. And even if you do not become a sports superstar, you can dress like one and be part of their club.

There are many brands that, in different ways, are just as impactful and powerful. A few examples are Apple, FedEx, Disney, Starbucks, Ferrari, Amazon, Coca-Cola and the Rolling Stones. For every one of these names, and in one context or another, each is an innovator. The founders of these organizations did something so special that they attracted tremendous attention, generated undeniable appeal and, along the way, became powerful and influential institutions.

While innovation is important, so is connecting with your buyers - taking the time it takes to understand exactly who these people are, how they feel and what they need. When you can talk to them in a manner that is relevant and personal, they will listen. And when you infuse this communication with emotional content that tugs on the heartstrings, listening becomes enjoyable, pleasurable and engaging.

Here are a few ads I like to show that reinforce this idea. While they were produced quite some time ago, they are undeniably engaging, considered some of the best ads of their time, and illustrate my point. Ultimately, the same impact can be achieved in print through equally creative copywriting, illustration, photography and design.


It has been statistically proven that, whether you employ broadcast, print or interactive tactics, infusing your marketing activities with positive, emotionally charged content increases brand recall and favorably influences sales impact. In other words, as long as your customers perceive your brand as delightful and engaging, they'll keep on buying.

At Studio Spear, we talk about "The Drool Factor." When we create tactics that attract attention, provoke interest and stimulate desire - in effect making people drool - we've found that meaningful sales follow.

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