January 2017
It’s In the Mail

Jeffrey Spear - President, Studio Spear

Jeff Spear

While the number has changed, and after a tumultuous 2016, who knows what this new year has in store. Our economy appears to be on the upswing, the sun is still shining, and we have each other to share in the good times.


In the meantime, and in spite of the questionable news that greets us each and every day, business must go on. This means that finding marketing programs that support operations and deliver value, even in these most trying of times, is essential.

Sit Out the Storm
Many of the operators I’ve talked to, when times are tough, prefer to halt their marketing programs and take a wait and see approach. Unfortunately, when you stop promoting, your competitors are effectively given a free run of the market and unrestricted access to your customers. While you may have established loyalty and/or brand preference with some of your buyers, these bonds are easily broken. While sitting out the storm may be a good idea for boat owners, it is not so good for marketing.

Spend Wisely
Should you feel the urge to hoard cash, but still want to keep sales and marketing up and running, I recommend you find ways to be a bit more creative with your expenditures. You can start by asking your designer, advertising agency and/or public relations provider to better evaluate and prioritize the expenditures they make on your behalf. If one of your marketing tactics is not delivering meaningful returns on investment, it's important to fix what's wrong or dump the item altogether.

There are also plenty of smaller design studios and agencies whose creative talents and capabilities are exceptional and attract overheads and fees that are significantly easier to afford. While breaking relationships may not be the best answer (you should at least try and work things out with your existing provider first - loyalty counts!), it never hurts to see if you are being properly looked after and getting the greatest bang for the buck.

Talk to Your Customers
One of the more cost effective marketing tactics I can recommend is Direct Marketing. The two most common forms are Postal Mail (P-Mail) and Electronic Mail (E-Mail). Both give you the ability to target and communicate directly with those people most likely to purchase your product or service. Compared to advertising that tends to reach a considerably broader and less defined audience, the cost:benefit ratio in Direct Marketing may yield better results. .

Know Who You’re Talking To
To enable an effective Direct Marketing effort, you need to know exactly who your key audiences are and how to reach them. In short, having a clearly formulated strategic plan coupled with an accurate and appropriate mailing list is essential. While there are plenty of operators who sell mailing lists, you'll want to make sure the provider has kept that list up-to-date. With so many variables to consider, your list provider or marketing consultant should be able to help you through this process..

Make it a Keeper
It is very easy for recipients to ignore and discard your direct marketing promotions, especially with the volumes of junk mail and SPAM everyone has to sort through these days. The key to success is an initial impression that compels investigation - something that causes just enough hesitation, or implies just enough value, to get the recipient to dig deeper and examine further. Typically this process starts with an extremely clever and compelling subject line in your E-Mail message and/or an oversized package that stands out from everything else in your mailbox.

There is no shortage of options that can make your direct marketing efforts productive. While you want to budget carefully, it will only be as successful as the planning, strategy and creativity that are implemented.

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