March 2018
Building Great Brands

Jeffrey Spear - President, Studio Spear

Jeff Spear

When you think about great brands, there is usually some delightful personal experience or lasting memory that you can associate with them. So, what can you do to empower your own brand?


Nike conjures images of peak athletic performance; Apple reminds us that style, design and simplicity can be easy partners with functionality; Trader Joes is a reliable source of good quality products and friendly service; and Starbucks is the delightful combination of coffee and comfort. As with these examples, the true gauge of a great brand is how well your company is perceived and what sorts of lasting impressions are being made on a regular basis.

In my book, and for companies to succeed, it's all about a consistent stream of positive experiences that stand apart from, and are perceived as undeniably superior to, anything your nearest rivals have to offer. Whether it's fast and efficient customer service, amazingly great products renown for exceptional performance, enjoyable relationships with company employees, a fabulously designed retail space with new surprises at every turn, undeniable product and category knowledge, or something as simple as having friendly and capable staff to channel your phone calls and greet you upon arrival - all of these experiences contribute to great brands. In short, it boils down to a few simple practices:

Be Polite   The idea of someone being friendly, hospitable and welcoming as you enter the store, call on the phone, sit down to meetings, visit the factory, or walk a trade show is nothing more than polite and courteous behavior. It doesn't cost more to say hello, smile and show genuine interest in the people you do business with. If this minor act of polite behavior is too much to ask, perhaps you're in the wrong business.

Know Your Stuff   It's important for you to be able to explain what you do, the benefits associated with your products or services, and why your option is better than all others. It's even more important to understand as much as possible about your customers, what their needs are, and what it means for you to do business together. If you fail to demonstrate value, your competition will happily pick up the slack.

Eliminate Pain   No matter what kinds of products you make or services you provide, it is essential for them to extinguish a need, satisfy a want, solve a problem and eliminate pain. When you can do these things, you become a real problem solver... a life saver... a hero... Ultimately, your reputation improves and your brand becomes that much more powerful.

Be Unique   Having something that is completely your own - something that stands apart from anything your competitors have to offer - is essential. It's hard enough to distinguish your brand within a seemingly endless sea of competitors. When your product or service stands out from the rest, you've made it easier for buyers to understand your offer, evaluate it against their needs, and make purchasing decisions in your favor.

Be Delightful   A job well done is typically rewarded with repeat purchase. That being said, and no matter the quality or price, when you deliver happy, satisfying, engaging, meaningful and enjoyable experiences, people are more likely to buy more of your products, hire more of your services and become loyal advocates of your brand.

When you think about the brands you have come to rely upon as an integral part of your business or personal life, you'll realize that these 5 elements are essential to those relationships. If your company's sales are not meeting projections, or if your brand is not as respected or effective as you'd like, these are some of the attributes to consider before deploying new brand imagery and launching new sales and marketing initiatives.


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